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About Us


Our mission is to establish a significant and profitable position in the highway and road construction industry by providing the highest quality concrete paving in the industry.


People – Our people are our greatest asset. We focus on hiring talented individuals with the ability to provide a quality work product along with the willingness to learn.

Integrity – We are honest individuals with strong moral principles that conduct business in a professional manner.

Quality – We are committed to providing the highest quality concrete product to our customers.

Our History


To obtain a significant and profitable position in the highway and road construction industry by providing a quality concrete product, establishing a strong marketing advantage and expanding opportunities for development of company personnel.

Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc. originated in 1960 when two brothers-in-law, Voyne Weaver and Joe Bailey, began contracting subdivision work in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1967, in order to bid projects let by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD), the business incorporated. During the same year, Fred Weaver, Voyne’s youngest brother, joined the company in the early 1960's and was promoted to President of Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc. a role which he held until 1986. Also, in 1967, the middle brother, Charlie Weaver, purchased an interest in the business

To meet the increasing demand for a quality concrete product, in 1969, the Weavers and Bailey bought into a small, not yet operating, ready mix concrete business named L&S Concrete. At this time the ready mix operation had one location and six concrete trucks. The Weavers determined that it was in their company’s best interest for Charlie to take command of the newly acquired operation. Charlie immediately began growing the business in a majority of ways including adding new trucks, placing plants at centralized locations and increasing personnel.

1970s and 1980s

With the recently acquired ready mix operation fully functional, Weaver-Bailey Contractors made the decision to purchase Arkansas’ first slip-form curb and gutter machine in 1971. With this purchase Charlie was instrumental in introducing Arkansas residential areas to the new method. The slip-form method, due to its superior productivity, all but eliminated hand formed curb and gutter. With this method, the company was responsible for constructing numerous curbs, gutters and parking areas in Central Arkansas. Soon thereafter the company also purchased their first slip-form mainline paving machine.

In 1986, Charlie acquired his brothers’ shares in Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc. to hold sole ownership and become President of the business. During the same year, the company acquired another ready mix operation named Gilliam Brothers Ready Mix. With the acquisition of L&S Concrete and Gilliam Brothers Ready Mix Company, the group of family businesses were able to provide a variety of products including ready mix concrete, earthwork, drainage installation, water and sewer, curb and gutter, concrete paving as well as highway projects. Charlie continued to manage the ready mix operations while in 1987, Don Weaver began to command Weaver-Bailey Contractors, Inc.

1990s and 2000s

In 1998, after 31 years of ready mix operation, Charlie made the decision to sell. In 1999, he opened a quarry on his ranch near El Paso, Arkansas and started the company, Webco Mining. The business produced tons of quality crushed rock furnished to Arkansas customers. In 2016, Charlie sold the quarry.


Charlie is now Chairman of the Board at Weaver-Bailey Contractors Inc., while maintaining an active role in management. Don is President and manages all day to day operations. Together, they have over 50 years of civil construction experience.

Weaver-Bailey Contractors currently employs over 100 people and is recognized as the largest main line concrete paver in Arkansas.



Almost 60 years of proven expertise